Backyard Birds are Plentiful in Spring

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
I don't know about you, but I think somebody is having an identity crisis.  It feels to me like Mother Nature isn't sure if it wants to be Spring or Fall when it comes to the temperatures lately.  Some days are downright chilly and the wind......will it ever rest?  Even the birds in my backyard are acting like it's winter.  They are still in their winter-eating-frenzy and my hummers.....well, they may be back, but judging from their appetite, I'm guessing they're having second thoughts about their timing. Warm or cool, my backyard has been busy with visitors of all kinds.  The birds make for quality entertainment and plenty of photo ops, so today's post is a collection of photos of life outside my window lately.
For sure....the most exciting visitors to stop by were a flock of Cedar Waxwings. I just happened to look out the window one evening in time to noticed a bunch of birds flying from my dogwood to my crab apple tree.  When I looked closer, I was thrilled to see these beauties feasting on flower petals. Normally they'd be eating leftover apples but there were none, so I suppose the petals were better than nothing.  
Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds
Another spring favorite that visited for a few days was the Rose Breasted Grossbeak.  He may have been shy when it came to posing for photos, but he was not at all shy when it came to eating.  He even tolerated several visits by the Red Winged Blackbird urging him to finish up and move along.

My Backyard Birds

Life As I See It Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds

A male Cowbird and Red Winged Blackbird wait their turn.......
Backyard Birds

Backyard Bird blog

Mrs. Cardinal......looking a little damp.
Life As I See It Backyard Birds

Life As I See It Photography

Red Bellied Woodpecker - female first 

Life As I See It Backyard Birds

And Mr. Red Bellied Woodpecker.....

Even the woodpeckers enjoy a treat!

This year I have more Catbirds than ever.  I've noticed four at one time.  In the past, I've only seen two at a time. They are ravenous when it comes to suet but will also scrounge the ground below the feeders too.  

This one is clearly seeking some advice from Budha!

Backyard birds
White Throated Sparrow (above and below)

 And look at this beauty - a Common Grackle

Dining in style....

Common Grackle

The Blue Jays have to get in on the free meals too!  Did you know that when you hang the suet sideways, birds who may not otherwise hang to eat it will take advantage of this easy dining seating?   I've even seen Cardinals enjoy suet when hung in this fashion.

Goldfinch by the dozen....

And Mr. House Finch.....Enjoying dinner solo.

The tiniest visitors......the beloved Hummers.  

This shot was taken about 25 feet from my window....another lucky catch!
To the largest visitor, the Pileated Woodpecker.

And for fun......on my most recent visit to the Vischer Ferry General Store, I purchased this cute birdhouse made of felt.  Well, I was hoping that some lucky birds would make their home inside of it, but it seems they had a different idea...

And below is what it looks like today ......the back almost entirely missing.  The Tufted Titmouse was the only resourceful bird to make use of the house - even if it WASN'T as the manufacturer suggested. ;)

The little House Wren couple seem to prefer a sturdier, dryer option for their housing needs.

Unfortunately not every bird story has a happy ending.  John looked out just as some very large bird was finishing up his meal before taking off - leaving a rather large mess behind.

The weather may not be picture perfect everyday, but the view out my window is pretty darn close.  If you thought feeding the birds was a Winter hobby, think again.  Bird watching is fun all through the year!  If you enjoyed this post and would like to read other posts like it, all featuring our feathered friends, check out these links:

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  1. Wow, Gail...thought I would come for a visit since you came to see me on my blog (haggling?). Anyway, enjoyed your post! Love all your birds, and the teapot and teacup feeders! You really know your birds! Beautiful photography too.


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