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Saturday, February 27, 2016
I've discovered an interesting phenomenon as I age.......the older I get, the more I love old things. You've probably heard me say that before here on the blog.  I remember back in 1972 when my Mimier (my dad's mom) died, I could have had anything I wanted of hers but at 18 I didn't have the maturity or foresight to think ahead.  All I knew I wanted at that time was her desk, the old secretary type with the dropdown front.  I'd spent hours playing in that desk as a little girl and vividly remember watching Captain Kangaroo before school while pasting S & H Green stamps into their collection book so they could later be redeemed for some household item.  I still have that desk today and wish I'd kept more of her things.  Luckily my mom was wiser than I and knew enough to hang on to some special keepsakes.  It took me many years from her passing to begin to value family heirlooms but for a long time now, I've really started decorating more with sentimental memorabilia and vintage things.  Compared to new stuff that is easily acquired and put together in a perfectly coordinated room that looks like a magazine cover, my collection of sentimental old stuff reminds me of my youth and of my family members who are no longer with us.  It's fun to be reminded, to reminisce, to rekindle.....and this week when we visited another antique shop to add to the series I've started, that's exactly what we did....reminisced and rekindled - memories of items we remembered from the 'old days'.   Whether you collect family heirlooms from your own family or just love vintage in general, you must visit today's feature shop where I promise you'll be amazed at how many familiar items bring back memories for you.   Like this one....

Black Sheep Antique blog post

Today's feature shop is Black Sheep Antiques in Delanson.  I understand Black Sheep Antiques has been around for many years but about five years ago was purchased by Lana Pedelsky and her partner, Reed. What I loved about the shop (well, besides all the stuff I wanted to buy) was the size of it.  Black Sheep is huge and covers multiple levels and is divided into sections featuring goods from several vendors. The other thing I loved about it was how reasonably priced things were.  If I had a u-haul with me and a bigger house, I really could have made a killing because I saw several pieces of furniture, beautiful furniture, that I would have loved to bring home - all affordable to the average shopper.   I also loved how many items just really hit a nerve and brought back so many fond memories - like the typewriter above.  I learned to type on something that didn't look so much different from this one.   Well, it was a bit younger than 1915 model, but many of its features were just like ones I learned on. (Thank God ours in high school were electric, not manual.)  But I did have a manual one at home. If I had had a spot to display this, I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

Then there were pieces like this one...........which was just downright amusing.  We had fun speculating where it may have come from and how funny the grandkids would react if we put it in our foyer.  Hard to tell from this photo, but this handsome guy was about 3 feet tall and perhaps just a little intimidating!

I wish I could have included 100 photos in this post to give you a better idea of all you can find there, but hopefully you'll look closely at the ones I am including.  In fact, if you click on them individually, they'll appear larger and help you get a better look.

These are window screens from an old church!  I bet all you DIY'ers will have a million ideas for them!

If anyone knows what the item on the left is.....a butter churn, maybe??

Fox anyone??  My granddaughter was really inquisitive about his photo.  Apparently she's never seen the work of a taxidermist before, but she was certain she didn't want it in Grandma's house!

Look at that dry sink on the left - gorgeous!!!! Only $175 I think.....Love it!!  Wanted it!  Why is it when we're young and need furniture, we can't afford it and when we can afford it, we don't have room for it!   

How about a little mid-century modern???  Just one corner of this cool space!
This porcelain-top table & chairs....beautiful condition - $130

Gorgeous (wanted this too) $28.
The original juicer (I think)!

This is just a few of the loads of old cameras there - any camera collector would be in heaven!

Not exactly the type of cars or trikes today's kids have but pretty cool to look at!

And some more cameras...........

I hope I was able to convey just how cool Black Sheep Antiques is.  From the old flip down toasters, to enamelware pieces, to vintage clothes to vintage books......anything you can imagine from the past is probably somewhere inside of this building.  A walk through here will take you back to your youth and bring back memories of your grandma's house.  Bring your piggy bank and an empty trunk and head west and visit Black Sheep Antiques soon.  It's an easy drive just past Duanesburg at 7608 Western Turnkpike (Route 20) in Delanson, NY.

And I did buy one thing....this perfect condition enamel pot.  Not sure what I'll use it for, but it matches the enamel basin I have so how could I resist ;)

For more information, check out their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Black-Sheep-Antique-Center-183245055022158/?fref=ts

They're open everyday 10:00-5:00!

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