Unlocking the Past and Giving New Life to Old Stuff at Second Chance Barn

Sunday, January 31, 2016
Can you even believe it's the last day of January??  Tomorrow is February 1st, we've had approximately 4" of snow this winter and at the rate time is flying, Mr. Cottontail will be bouncing in before we know it.  I have a to-do list filled with winter projects, things to organize and miscellaneous tasks I set aside to do while we're 'snowed-in' and it appears between the lack of snowdays and the speed at which time passes, I won't be crossing off much on my list before the good weather arrives.  No worries......the good thing about chores is that they are patient and will wait till you get to them.  I'd much rather be out and about chasing photo ops and blog research anyway and that's just what we did yesterday!

One of my favorite indoor pastimes is watching HGTV - particularly  Fixer Upper and Flea Market Flip.  I love being inspired and as you may have already learned from my blog, I love old things.  So yesterday when a friend of mine 'liked' Second Chance Barn on Facebook, I went to their page and browsed their photos and well......you know where this story is going!  With nothing pressing on our Saturday agenda, in the car we went on a little road trip to Middle Granville, NY to pay Second Chance Barn a visit.  Before you read on let me warn you, if you love antiques and old things....start warming up your car now because I promise you'll be headed there today.

Sitting on a hilltop on State Route 22A, minus any signage to indicate a business is here, rests a beautiful two year old barn, new and pristine.  What awaits you inside that barn is anything but new, but each and every piece takes you back in time and has a story to tell.   Second Chance Barn was born with the intention of being a 'little' retirement hobby for Joe Marcino.  Thanks to his wife, Charlene, and her creation of a  Facebook page, this little hobby became a full-time job for Joe and their 40 Facebook followers has grown to 5400+.  Clearly they don't need my publicity, but just in case......

My incentive for visiting, aside from feeling a blog post brewing, was to purchase an old window to hang above my mantle.  I knew from looking at their Facebook photos they had several to choose from - in all shapes and sizes.  Mission accomplished - I did come home with a window.....and maybe just a little bit more.  When I watch HGTV I'm always a little envious of all the antique/salvage shops that big cities seem to have.  I'm guessing we have some here that I just haven't found (at least ones I can afford) - but I hit the jackpot yesterday!  Lucky for me (and John) Second Chance barn only takes cash or checks because had he accepted a debit card or credit card, I may have been dangerous. Here's a peek at just a few of the treasures awaiting you...

Can't you picture this gorgeous piece as a mantle?? OMG!
In case you don't know - these are sap buckets - one of their big sellers.  Didn't come home with one, but definitely on my list for next time!  You can either get them plain or with these words.

Any old ice fishermen will recognize these tip-ups....I think my Grandfather had some of these.

I may or may not have brought this piece home..........alright, so I did.  I couldn't resist it!  A word of caution for any more amateur antique collectors - buying furniture in a barn is a little like shopping for a Christmas tree in a field.  Things appear much smaller in their natural habitat than they do in your home.  This piece.... which measures 40" x 40" x 13".....looks a lot smaller in a great big barn than it does in my house.  And yes, we did measure it in the barn, but it looked much smaller there just the same.  I WILL find a place for it, but that might take a tad more creativity than I first thought. :)

Joe was kind enough to give us a tour of his 'workshop' where he cleans up and gives pieces a little TLC before placing them on the floor.  That was quite the adventure!  I can't show you much of that, but here's a little idea of what his playground looks like....

From reclaimed wood to chair legs, door plates to doorknobs....Joe has a treasure trove of parts and pieces for everything you can imagine - all organized in neat little drawers and shelves just waiting to make an old piece new again.   I could have spent the day just browsing among his 'supplies'.  While Joe does spit and polish most pieces before sale, if you're more of a do-it-yourselfer, you can find pieces that he hasn't yet transformed and do the revamping yourself for a little less cash.  Either way, I promise you'll not only find some great treasures, you'll have a fun walk down memory lane as you wander through Second Chance Barn.

Joe and hubby, John, discussing how the cost of windows has really gone up these days. LOL
I can't help it if a beautiful bookcase stowed away in our car!
Don't miss this one!  It's a beautiful ride to Middle Granville......through some beautiful countryside. If you get a chance to visit in the warmer weather, combine your trip with dinner at Dancing Ewe Farm just a short hop away.  You can check out Dancing Ewe Farm in my #1 most popular post on the sidebar of the blog, or by using the link below.  Second Chance Barn is open Thursday-Sunday from 10-5:00!  Remember, there's no sign on the road, they're right next door to the Bobcat dealer at 251 State Route 22A, Middle Granville, NY.  For more photos and information, you can check out their Facebook Page at:

post script:   I found room for both the bookcase and the window.
They turned out better than I hoped!

Thanks Joe for a fun visit and tour!  I can't wait to come back  - with a check - for more great pieces! Thanks for reading!  Don't forget to share this with a friend and come back soon to Life As I See It!

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