A Winter's Drive Through God's Handiwork

Saturday, February 7, 2015
So, here we are....in the Northeast, finishing the first week of February, just barely cleaned up from the last round of snow as we await not one more, but two more shots of snow coming our way!  That's what we New Yorkers do...we take what Mother Nature dishes out because most of us here love our seasons, even the harsh ones and because we know that they can only last just so long before Spring eventually wins out and all this snow and cold is but a distant memory.  For us camera enthusiasts, the snow offers some pretty awesome opportunities to capture nature at its finest, and for me, there isn't much prettier than fresh snow and blue skies and yesterday, we found plenty of both.  I can't wait to share our day with you.....so come along on a most scenic tour of a little farm town in Washinton County - Easton, NY.

The town of Easton is located in the Hudson River Valley, south of Greenwich and east of Cambridge.  Although I've driven through Easton before, it wasn't until yesterday that we really explored it 'off the beaten path'.   One of the great advantages of a GPS is being able to take the roads less travelled without getting lost and one of the first rules of great photo excursions is finding roads with 1) few cars and 2) endless photo ops.  Yesterday was no exception and aside from finding some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever experienced, I think I found one of God's most perfect creations in countryside.  Field after field of freshly fallen snow, untouched except for occasional deer track.....my pictures don't come close to doing it justice!  This was definitely heaven on earth - acre after snow covered acre!

Easton has some interesting history!   Did you know that Easton, NY is the birthplace of Grandma Moses (1817-1888).  Grandma Moses is a celebrated artist whose work reflects the life she knew as a frugal farm woman.    It's also the birthplace of Susan B. Anthony, woman's rights leader.  At age 13 Susan joined the Easton Society of Friends and at age 17 she began teaching school in Easton for $1.00 a week.   George Corliss, a prominent engineer and inventor of the Corliss Steam Engine was also born in Easton, NY.  Who knew???   

One of a few deer we saw during our travels......

Old fence - old cemetery.....

 It's hard to get a sense of the vast expanse of the scenery, but in the above photo, notice how high the land is next to us!  And all of it is covered with the most pristine coating of fresh snow.  Just simply beautiful!

Although I couldn't live out here, so far from civilization, I envy those who do, because they are living the "good life" - where hard work is a way of life, a simpler life, where everyday you are reminded of a life long ago.  This is certainly God's country.......his handiwork is evident in every direction you turn.  Thanks for coming along.  Next time you're wondering what to do with your day - get in the car and drive......to parts unknown, to roads less traveled.    There's a whole world out there just waiting to be explored and much of it is not that far from your own backyard!

To read more about Easton and it's history, use the link provided at the end of this post!  If you missed my last post - please take a moment to check out, the Sunbeam Pullman Car from Hildene in Manchester, VT

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