Maria's Holiday Magic - aka House Beautiful!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
For almost as long as I've been doing this blog I've been saying that one of the best parts of it is the way it introduces me to awesome people I might not meet otherwise!  Today was one of those opportunities!
 As much as I love taking photos, I don't make it a habit of photographing anything but for my own enjoyment.  So when my friend Linda told me she had friend who was looking for someone to take a few photos of her decorations and would I be interested, my first reaction was to say, "no".  Not because I don't love looking at decorations, but because my confidence plummets when I have to 'perform'.  Eventually I mustered up the courage and accepted her invitation and boy, oh boy, I'm glad I did.  I wouldn't have missed this for anything!  I only hope I came close to doing her home justice because these photos (if taken by a pro) could easily fill the pages of Architectural Digest or House Beautiful.
 The homeowner, Maria, is a woman of many talents - as you'll soon see.  A retired attorney, she is also a Master Gardener, crafter, and mom, as well as a talented, undiscovered interior decorator.  If she were looking for a new career, that would be it!  There wasn't a corner of her home that didn't look like something that was professionally designed.  Each room was inviting, cozy and tasteful.  When Linda invited me to do this photo shoot, she described Maria's home as something that could rival the store Experience, and she was not exaggerating one bit.
 Easily my favorite part of the house - as evidenced by many, many photos.
 Maria's built-in bookcases were designed and built by a company in Altamont and serve as the perfect home for her self-designed and handmade village.   Each little (and big) village cottage was made by Maria herself!  Unbelievable!!!  She even offered to teach us how to make one that will be a replica of our houses!  Talent, I'm tellin' ya!  Don't forget to click on any photo for a larger look!

 As you can see, there wasn't an area Marie left undecorated!

Even the staircase was decorated in style!

So many's just a few!

Maria has a collection of nativities - here's just 3.

Everywhere you looked, your eyes were met with something beautiful, grouped with just the perfect accessories.  I could have moved right in and felt completely at home.  I'd met a kindred spirit, who like me, can't get enough "Christmas"!  And what made it all so perfect was that everywhere you looked, you found a piece of Maria, whether it was in the numerous, aged ornaments on her tree, her handmade houses......everything represented a piece of the person who so skillfully brought it all together in one spectacular holiday masterpiece.  Although breathtakingly beautiful, it was still a perfect representation of the woman who created it, not just some duplication of a department store display.
The rest of her home was just as gorgeous.....including the upstairs loft, where I could have easily wallowed away the day.
Notice the paper dolls Maria mounted and framed!!

At the end of the day after delicious tea, cookies and conversation, it was time to go home, but just as were  about to leave, the sun streamed in making an already beautiful home glow with warmth, love and just enough "fancy" to touch perfection.   Thank you Maria for sharing your beautiful home with me and letting me share it with my readers. 

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