Blizzard 2015 from a Birds' Eye View

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Well as blizzards go, it would seem we lucked out and missed this one, unlike so many of our east coast friends.  I have to confess I was a little disappointed to wake up this morning to dry pavement and nary a flake in the air.  Not having to leave the house has a profound affect on one's attitude towards snow storms and since I've been couped up for a week already trying to find my way out of my annual bout of bronchitis/asthma......I had already planned to wallow away my day watching snow flakes pile up from the cozy confines of my home.  My disappointment in the weather came to an end mid-morning when the forecasted snow did in fact arrive.  As the day progressed, the bird activity outside my window increased and at times it was a flurry of feathered chaos at every feeding station.
Most times everyone took their respective turn, but on occasion two or more would engage in some mid-air display of aggression and other times some friendly sharing of space seemed evident.  All day long a flock of juncos, who seemed unphased by the wind and snow, went from feeder to feeder, suet to suet.  I've noticed them this year much more calm and landing for longer periods of time.  Typically they can be pretty quick movers, hard to photograph, but this group seems to be making themselves at home and not letting the other birds intimidate them.  They really are cute little things!

Never have I ever seen two Carolina Wrens at the same time in my yard - not summer or winter, but that changed today.  In fact at one time, I believe there were three.  I only got lucky enough to catch two though......

 Even Mrs. Red-Bellied Woodpecker ventured out today! (L) Normally I mostly see her mate!

 The doves held their usual vigil high in the pines, keeping as much out of the snow as possible.  That was good news for the littler birds who usually have to fight for equal feeding time with these rather large, and mighty appetited fellas.

And here are my two Carolina Wrens, tucked under cover, snacking away under the watchful eye of the junco.
Sometimes, one decides it's even warmer when eating from "inside" the feeder!

And there's always one (or five ) of these pesky guys nearby.......

 Sometimes a little mid-air correction is called for when there's no room at the Inn.

A nuthatch, just taking a break.

Perhaps the most patient of the lot....the Tufted Titmouse, seeming to indicate it's time for a refill!
Even my Guardian Angel statue seemed to have resigned herself to Mother Nature's fury!  It may not have been a blizzard here today, but it was a busy day for my feathered friends who never fail to provide me with hours of entertainment.  And that folks, is Life As I See it from my neck of the woods.  Don't forget....for a closer look at any photo, just click on it!  Hope you all managed to stay warm dry and safe out there today!  Till next time...........

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