Sunshine & Rainbows Amidst Life's Storms, A Visit to Pruyn House

Monday, August 4, 2014
I don't know about you, but some days the news can really get depressing.  Just tonight there were reports of three deaths this weekend from freakish car accidents.  Then there's the unrest in Israel and who can turn on the news without hearing about the two doctors at Emory being treated for Ebola?  Yikes!  This weekend the world said goodbye to Grandma Betty - probably one of the sweetest, most endeared grandmas on the planet who cheerfully and positively  shared the end of her battle with lung cancer with her thousands of followers.  We can each find something trivial to whine about, but compared to what's on the news, I think most of us can feel pretty blessed with our own lives and circumstances.  So today, instead of a normal blog, I'm bringing you some sunshine and rainbows, not quite in the technical sense, but in the colors of nature.

Yesterday John and I paid a short visit to the Pruyn House in Loudonville and for a few brief moments, the world was full of sunshine and rainbows and absent of negativity, bad news and sorrow.  Let me share our visit with you.....I hope for a few moments you are reminded that amid all of life's storms, rainbows are at the end of our trials and tribulations.

Now say a little prayer of thanks and be reminded that someone bigger than our problems is in control and seems to be doing a pretty fine job of it!


  1. Sorry for your loss, Gail and John.
    Even in your grief, you share beauty!
    God Bless, Jill

    1. Jill, Grandma Betty was a woman from Indiana whose grandson started a facebook and Instagram account for. She had thousands of followers and the world fell in love with her before she passed.


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