What is the Greatest Gift We Can Leave Our Loved Ones? Meminto Has The Answer!

Friday, April 19, 2024
 What is the greatest gift we can leave our loved ones?  For a long time now I've thought the greatest gift I could leave was the gift of memories - not just the time and thought that goes into making memories, but preserving those memories in a way that lasts for generations.  

I started working on this several years ago when I began writing my memoir.....when I was in my 20's.  I continued to write, adding bits and pieces of stories about my life experiences as they happened.  I wrote them for me, but mostly with future children and grandchildren in mind.  In the past decade, I expanded on those stories to include stories about where I grew up, what my childhood was like, what my school experience was like.   Although I try to share stories about those things, I've found that a true interest in our ancestors lives doesn't really develop until we are matured, with our own life experiences under our belt, and our own stories to tell.  That means that my kids and grandkids won't really have that much interest in my 'days gone by' till I've 'gone by', if you know what I mean.  Therefore my stories, my history, will also be 'gone'.  But....if those tales are recorded somewhere, they'll live on for future generations. Isn't that what we all want, for our legacy to live on for generations?

I'd already completed one bound book of questions I'd answered about my life, my experiences and personal philosophies.  So had John. But I still had my 'memoir' stored on my computer, as well as the many stories I've written about special people in my life stored on the internet in my blog.  I longed to convert those into something concrete and durable, something that would be attractive, able to be held in your hands and read a little at a time, something that represented how valuable I held my life experiences and the people who shaped me.  Like an unexpected gift, I received an email one day from a company inviting me to try their software - software made for recording and preserving memories.

At first I was skeptical because not long ago, another company had reached out, asking me to pilot their software and that had proven to be a very frustrating experience.  That program was still in the raw stages with too many bugs and after several frustrating weeks, I gave up.  I wondered if this was another fresh, new company looking to have me find bugs in their program.  I hesitated.  Knowing I had material just waiting to be recorded, I poked around the website and learned more.  This company, Meminto Stories, which originated in 2017 in Germany, was similar to the first company John and I had used on our first book.  It allows writers to record their memories by answering questions/prompts but Meminto also has a blank book template for creating your own custom book.  That was exactly what I needed.  That template would allow me to copy and paste my memoir into a book.  It also allowed me to add photos.  I decided to give it a go.  

As you can see, the process was a success and my book turned out even better than I hoped.   I was thrilled to finally have found a medium that allowed me to combine photos with narratives.  The photo book program I use allows you to add text, but not copy and paste.  Meminto allowed me to import my long text entries and accompany them with high quality photos, producing the perfect marriage of text and photo memories.  Another great thing about Meminto is that you can actually dictate your answers using the Meminto app on your smart phone. You simply select your question/prompt and then hit the 'microphone' on the app and start recording.  That's such a great option for folks who don't want to sit at the computer and type or for folks who have stories to tell but may not be tech savvy. Here's a few  screenshots of the software.

Another thing that really impressed me was the amazing customer support Meminto provides.  I was lucky to have the company Founder/CEO, Albert Brückmann at the ready, answering emails and live chat questions more rapidly than one might even expect even a family member to respond, but the Meminto website is filled with FAQ's and explainer videos and an option for a live chat.  I found the entire experience so satisfying.  

From the day I finished my book and submitted it for print to having it delivered to my door was 8 days.  The typical time between submission and delivery is 12-20 days.   The quality of my book was truly beautiful.  The paper quality was outstanding, and the print was clear and easy to read.  I was so impressed, I immediately purchased another package and converted my memoir into their blank book template.  The hardest part of the process for me was choosing a cover.  Meminto offers so, so many options, I could barely choose.  Again, the finished book was stunning from beginning to end.  I can't say enough about this company or its product.  

The price for a book is comparable to the previous company I used, but the quality of the finished product is definitely superior.  A book up to 100 pages is $79, up to 200 is $99 and up to 300 is $139. Additional copies of your book are $39 each and all photos are printed in color!!  My first book, 'They Loved Me, Supported Me, Guided Me, Inspired Me' was 200 pages and my memoir, My Life, the First Quarter Century, was 142 pages.  I'm so happy to finally have so much of my writing finally in print.  Meminto offers a perfect way to preserve your memories for generations in a beautiful, durable, hardcover book, whether it be to share vacation experiences, special events, childhood milestones, or family history, all rich with text and color photos at a price that's fair and competitive. And what a fabulous option to just press record and dictate your stories for Meminto to transcribe for you! Now there's no excuse for anyone not to record their stories and what a special gift that can be passed down the generations.  And what a great gift for Mother's Day!

To start your book or to buy a book for someone you know whose stories deserve to be told, check out the Meminto website today: https://meminto.com/  I promise, you'll be glad you did.

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