A Little Backroad Therapy Between the Seasons in Easton NY

Saturday, March 26, 2022

 In a world where it's rare to find a consensus about anything these days, it seems that almost everyone is ready for spring, especially if you live in the northeast.  We're finished with the cold, the snow, and the wind, and we're longing for moderating temperatures, trees to leaf out and the ground to transition from muddy beige to vivid green.  Those of us who enjoy photographing outdoors are anxious for things to 'pretty up'.  I knew it was too early to find anything of what I just described when we headed out yesterday in search of a little backroad therapy, but I also knew that I was headed to my happy place and it wouldn't matter what color, or lack of it, I found. 

I'd feel better for having gone.  That happy place is Easton, NY and even though we only had time for a short jaunt, my 'session' was just was the doctor ordered.

I can't help myself from seeing things in analogies on our rides, and yesterday was no different.  As we drove over familiar, repeated routes in Easton, I couldn't help but notice that things looked a little bleak.  Without the lush green cornfields we see in summer, the autumnal glow of fall or the snow white brightness of winter, the Easton landscape felt a little dull and unattractive.  As I processed this disappointment, feeling sad that I might not capture any good photos, it occurred to me that at this transitional phase between winter and spring, the landscape was a sort of 'clean slate'....past the dead of winter and just before the emergence of new life of spring.  That clean slate reminded me of what we are like after we make it through difficult times, catching our breath, processing recovery and ready for better times.  We are a clean slate waiting for opportunity and possibility.  This may not be a good example of 'clean' slate......

In some ways it's sort of like covid.  Even though we seem to be past the worst of it, the continued new variants popping up keep us from completely letting down our guard to embrace life without fear.  We're between seasons, our slate is clean but we are not yet fully ready to let go and embrace the new season.  We are past the worst of winter, but there are still some cold and windy days to endure before we're in the clear.  

What I happily figured out on our drive was that despite the dreary landscape, there was plenty of beauty to be found.   If we kept our eyes wide open and paid close attention, there were things visible yesterday that are pretty obscured in the density of summer foliage.  When we first headed out, I almost turned back, discouraged by some lingering clouds and disappointed by the dull landscape.  There are days in life when we just want to give up, bury our head in our covers and wait for another day to venture out.  Had I succumbed to that feeling yesterday, I would have missed some pretty cool sights....and the parting clouds and bright sun.  

 Life can be challenging and it can test our endurance and our faith.  Sometimes it feels like we're never going to escape from a difficult season.  I hope that if you're in one of those seasons in your life, you'll see these photos as a reminder that even in our darkest days, there's something to appreciate, something to be thankful for and something to look forward to.  Warmer, brighter days are ahead and if you haven't been able to see that, I hope that this reminds you that spring always shows up.   Until it does, hang on tight and look for the things that make you happy.

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