Finding Spring and Sparking Joy at the Speckled Hen

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
It's getting to be that time of year, when the air feels a little milder, the snow has melted but the grass is still a dreary brown, but our heart longs for spring.  It's close, so close we can almost smell it.  We can almost feel it.  Our gaze strains to catch a glimpse of promise, a ray of hope and we yearn for the first signs of green grass, spring blossoms and the warmth of the sun on our cheeks.  It may not have been the official first day of spring, but today I witnessed the closest thing to it when we visited our favorite shop, The Speckled Hen.

Blog followers and shoppers galore are familiar with "the Hen".  I've featured it here on the blog at least a 1/2 dozen times in 6 years.  Why?  Because I am so excited every time I visit, I can't resist snapping photos to share, whether it's at Christmastime (my favorite season at the Hen), or in the spring when every nook and cranny is brimming with everything spring.  Not only will you leave the Hen convinced that spring is here, you'll probably leave with a bagful of it to bring home.  The only question big will the bag be? 

Are you still with me or have you already headed there?  Is this not simply gorgeous?  Every season when I'm about to decorate, I'm sure I have everything I need and then........I visit Maureen at the Speckled Hen and find a number of items I can't live without.  Today was no exception.  If Marie Kondo tells us to keep things that Spark Joy, every customer at the Hen must have a houseful of merchandise they acquire season after season.  I know I sure do.  I can't wait to decorate my home for Easter/Spring and my heart will be jumping for joy, just like the joy Maureen brings into her shop for all of her faithful followers. 
If you haven't been - ever, or just not yet this season - don't hesitate.  Get there soon and snatch up a bag or box full of joy for your home.  If you need a little inspiration, have a container you need something for, want to put together a little vignette, Maureen is happy and able to help.  Whether you need a birthday or get well gift, a hostess gift or even just something to brighten someone's'll find it here.  I promise.  The Speckled Hen is located on Route 50 in Scotia (38 Saratoga Road across from the Subaru dealership) in the little white house with the charming porch.  Tell Maureen I sent you and tell your hubby you weren't squandering his money, you're stocking up in preparation for the impending quarantine.  He'll look at you funny and you can explain a pretty environment will spark joy in difficult times ;)   Ok, so maybe that's a stretch, haha.  Either way, check it out. The Speckled Hen is open Wednesday-Saturday.  Please check their Facebook Page or call 518-369-8771 for more hours.  NOTE:  The shop will be closed this Saturday, March 14th.  If you get there soon, you might be lucky enough to enjoy one of these delicious treats made by Sarah!  So with Easter approaching, make like the bunny and hop into the shop!!!   (this last line courtesy of my hubby)
Don't forget, share this post with all your friends.  They'll thank you.  You can share it on Facebook by clicking the little 'F' on the lower left corner below this post, or you can share it from my Facebook page   Thanks for reading.  Happy Spring and Happy Shopping!   For a peek at the Hen in previous posts, just go to my blog Directory:

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