Fish Creek on Saratoga Lake - Where There's More to See than Rowing Regattas

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I haven't been to the Florida Everglades since I was 10 when my grandparents took me on a road trip to Florida. That was a long time ago, I won't admit how long, but suffice to say my recollection of it isn't all that vivid.  We may not have the Florida Everglades, but we do have Fish Creek and while it may not contain a two million acre wetland ecosystem, it sure provides an abundance of natural, mostly untouched beauty.
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Fish Creek played an important role in this area's history.  In 1702 Johannes Schuyler settled on the lands along Fish Creek near what later became Schuylerville.  Schuyler established farms and erected mills and other buildings as early as 1709. Together Schuyler and farmers who bought or leased the land established the town's first major settlement, Fort Saratoga.
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Fish Creek is the primary outlet of Saratoga Lake, flowing east for about 13 miles eventually emptying into the Hudson River in Schuylerville.  Natives of the area know that fish creek is a popular spot for rowers.  That's nothing new. In fact, in July of 1874 the Rowing Association of American Colleges hosted the University Race for Championship at Saratoga.  Columbia won and it was described as the most exciting race ever witnessed.  Competitions continued for several years. The tradition was revived in 1986 with the first Head of the Fish Regatta.  By 2010 this regatta had grown to be the second largest regatta in the country. (Wikipedia)
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Not much has changed.  This year's Head of the Fish Regatta will be held the last weekend in October.  Several other regattas are also held on the creek.  Aside from the rowers, visitors to the creek will be in good company - of paddle boarders, kayakers, fishermen and boaters. You might even see paddle board yoga happening among the lily pads. Everyone who takes part in any kind of water sport on the creek knows its beauty and compared to the busy traffic on the lake, the creek offers a more serene commune with nature.
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Fish Creek on Saratoga Lake
One of my favorite venues on the creek is the ever popular Harvest & Hearth, home of the delicious wood-fired artisan pizza made from fresh, organic ingredients.  Located next to the popular Kayak Shak, Harvest and Hearth offers pizza with a view and located just next to Stafford's Bridge, both businesses draw large crowds all season long.  For more information about Harvest & Hearth, you can read my earlier blog post: Harvest & Hearth - Pizza with a View  You can't beat it for delicious, fast healthy pizza!  Yes....I said healthy.
If you're not a kayaker, a paddleboarder, or a boater and still want to see the creek, the best way to do so is aboard an Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co. cruise.  Captain Hal has added some cruises up Fish Creek to his Fall Schedule.  Adirondack Cruise & Charter will be running a 90-minute Fish Creek Foliage Cruise.  There will be a brief stop along the cruise at Harvest & Hearth where you can have your growler filled with your favorite fall beverage.  You'll get to enjoy the trip up the creek as you meander around the bends with assorted wildlife and beautiful foliage along the way.  This cruise sails on Thursday and Friday at 4:30pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 and 4:30pm beginning on September 15th and running through late October.  Tickets for this cruise are $20 per person and can be purchased on their website:
Coffee Cruise aboard the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co.

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Captain Hal will also be running a very special 2-hour Fish Creek Harvest & Hearth Dinner Cruise. The perfect ending to your Saturday, this cruise departs at 6:30pm and stops at Harvest & Hearth to pick up wood-fired pizzas.  Menus will be provided and meals are ordered prior to departure. Dates & ticket prices for this cruise are to be determined.

Saratoga Lake's outlet - Fish Creek
If you're a regular Life As I See It blog reader, you're probably already familiar with the Wake on the Lake Coffee Cruise.  If not, you can check it out:  Wake on the Lake Coffee Cruise. This one hour cruise (as well as the ever popular Sunset Cruise) also sometimes cruises up Fish Creek.  Fish Creek offers a calm alternative when the lake gets too choppy.  Naturally placid and beautifully reflective, as beautiful as Saratoga Lake is, it's hard to not fall in love with the serene natural beauty of the creek.
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Fish Creek, Saratoga Springs NY

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Morning Fog on Fish Creek

Great Blue Heron on Fish Creek

Great Blue Heron on Fish Creek

Fish Creek on Saratoga Lake
Fish Creek

Fish Creek on Saratoga Lake
We may not have the everglades, but we are lucky enough to have the beautiful Fish Creek.  If you haven't already been fortunate enough to experience this picturesque and serene area, consider checking it out aboard one of Captain Hal's cruises.  Watch history repeat itself as Captain Hal brings back the glory days of Saratoga Lake's history when the lake boasted beautiful vessels like the Steamboat Alice and the Lady of the Lake.  Public cruises on Saratoga Lake are long overdue and finally available.  Don't miss out on this great way to see one of the areas most beautiful resources. To read some fascinating historical facts about Saratoga Lake and surrounding areas, check out this website: Saratoga Lake Through the Years
To check out other cruise opportunities with Adirondack Cruise & Charter Company:
To learn more about Harvest & Hearth:
To explore the creek by kayak or paddle board, check out the Kayak Shak at:

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