A Tropical Butterfly Paradise

Thursday, June 12, 2014
One of the things I love about summer is the warmth, the beautiful color that my garden provides, as well as the birds and butterflies that visit.  But...if your yard isn't a garden oasis, not to worry.  I know just the place you can go where you'll be surrounded by a tropical paradise.
Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory is located in South Deerfield, MA a short skip down the road from the Yankee Candle Village and also Historic Deerfield.  Opened in October of 2000, Magic Wings is an 8000 square foot tropical conservatory filled with over 3000 tropical and native free-flying butterflies from all around the world.    For those who prefer less fragile tropical species, Magic Wings also hosts a variety of reptiles, frogs and fish, as well as tropical birds.

 From the moment you enter the conservatory, you are welcomed by the tropical, humid air and the lush cover of tropical plants, trees and flowers.  Regardless if your visit takes place in the dead of winter or the heat of summer, once you enter the conservatory you are transported into paradise.  Your senses will be overcome with delight as the thousands of butterflies float overhead, sometimes landing in your path or on your shoulder or eye glass frames.  If you are a photographer - professional or amateur like me, you will be dizzy from gazing from one direction to the next trying to capture each and every captivating creature that passes.  Normally I would fill this blog with detail after detail of description, but in this case, no amount of detail could better describe this magical place than the photos.  Sit back and imagine you are inside the warmth and tranquility while thousands of these butterflies surround you.  Don't forget, you can click on any picture to be brought to a slide show for larger picture viewing.

Don't forget, click on a photo for a larger view, then use your back button to come back to the blog.

This gentleman happened to be wearing a particular body lotion that is known to attract this species (Rice Paper Butterfly).  They clung to him for his entire visit and Magic Wings staff said it happens a lot when people wear that particular lotion.  Luckily, he was not faint of heart and graciously accepted his loitering friends  and provided good entertainment for all of the visitors that morning!

Magic Wings also houses a wonderful gift shop, the Monarch Restaurant, and provides a beautiful wedding venue. Magic Wings is open seven days a week but is closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Check their website for hours.   Admission for adults is $14, seniors are $12 (except on Wednesday when seniors only pay $10.50) and children 3-17 are $10.00.   I highly recommend a visit - I know you'll want to go back again and again.

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