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Some of you may be new to blogs.  Even for those of you who follow other blogs, each and every blog is built differently.  One of the things that frustrates me most about blogging is that newcomers may happen onto one of my posts of Facebook and never see another post - previous or future.  I'm hoping that isn't the case with YOU!   I'm hopeful these instructions will help you navigate through my blog aiding you in exploring the categories of my posts ultimately enabling you to land on the ones that most pique your interest.  There's a lot of them, spanning a wide variety of subjects.  So whether you want to stay around for an hour or for the long run, here's some tips to help you find your way around Life As I See It.  Please note:  These directions are for a desktop application.  If you normally view the blog on a mobile device (cell phone), at the bottom of the page you view on your phone you will find an option that says something like, "view web version".  Admittedly that will probably be pretty small for your reading pleasure, but it will let you use all of the blog's features.


Across the top of the blog you will notice a dark grey line containing 9 categories and a Home option. No matter where you are, clicking home will always bring you back to the Home screen, also to the current post.  The Destination category contains a drop down menu when you hover over it.  You are able to select NY, VT, CT, RI or MA from the menu to read posts about places within each of those states.  The Food for Thought category contains sort of editorial type pieces, stories to get you thinking, stories that got me thinking.  Animal Friends is just as it sounds - stories about animals, farms, birds, squirrels, llamas, etc.  Let's Eat features places we've eaten that we loved as everyday folks.  We are by no means food critics.  Let's Shop contains some of my favorite local boutiques, almost all of which are individually owned by the nicest folks.  Bricks & Mortar features special buildings, castles, churches, etc... Intriguing People has stories about just that...interesting, special people, some in family, some in the community, some in business....all who stand out for being someone special.  And lastly, I showcase some beautiful gardens I've visited, some special gardens where I enjoy shopping.  If you love flowers, this is these are the posts for you.  Lastly I needed a category to hold all the posts that don't fit into one of the other categories and that is This & That.  This is a by no means a less fun collection, in fact, some of my favorites can be found here.  So now that you know what is in each category all you have to do is click on the category and you are able to read every post in that category from most recent to oldest.  If you want a more direct route.....move on to the next step.  Oldest posts are listed first, newest at the end of each category list.

The sides of a blog are referred to as the Sidebar.  On my Sidebar you will find a number of connectors to different parts of my blog.  First you see, "Never Miss a Post".  If you add your email here, every post will be delivered to your email inbox.  No longer will you have to rely on Facebook to deliver it to you.  Did you know Facebook decides what you are interested in?  If you haven't clicked the "like" button lately, Facebook decides you are no longer interested in my posts and stop placing them on your Facebook feed. So, instead, you can receive the current post in your email instead.  I never get your email address.... Blogger just delivers the post to you.
Next you'll see "Follow Me".   This is a quick way to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and connect with me via email.
"Search" is handy when you are looking for a particular post based on topic, location, subject,etc.. If you're interested in posts about farms, just type Farms in the search box, or Chatham for posts about Chatham, birds, Saratoga Lake, etc....
"Search Directory for Blog Contents" - Click on the word "Directory" to be taken to my blog directory.  Follow the directions below to use this feature.
"In the Spotlight" features posts that I'm wishing to re-share that are worth repeating, relevant to the season, or of a certain topic.
"This Month's Popular Posts" is just as it sounds....the months most read posts.

In the Directory you can, at a glance, see all the posts I've written under each category.  All you have to do is Click on the post title and you'll be taken to that post!  When you're finished, just click on the Directory on the sidebar and go back to look for more posts!

That's it!   It's pretty simple once you've done it.  I hope this helps you find your way around the blog.  Life is always easier with a little help from a friend!  Happy Reading!

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