The Breakfast Spot Experience!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I love breakfast!  I love it when I cook it at home, and I love it when we go out.  I love it for any meal, not just in the morning, so when I find a new place that offers a delicious breakfast - one that reminds me of my grandmother, I feel like I struck the lottery.  That's exactly how I feel about the Breakfast Spot in Cohoes.

The Breakfast Spot opened back in December in my hometown/birthplace.  Not your typical diner, the Breakfast Spot is a retro diner.  It's a family-owned and operated line of themed restaurants with a location in Lake George as well.  Their motto is to offer top quality service with the best quality food made from real ingredients and cooking methods just as they were in yesteryears. When possible, their food ingredients come from local markets and businesses.  What's not to love about that?

As you might expect, a diner with the theme 'Vintage' does not look like your average diner.  The Breakfast Spot looks just like a diner out of the 50's or 60's, decorated with retro lighting, signs and memorabilia from Cohoes' past.

Naturally food plays an important role in one's dining experience and let me say, the decor wasn't the only highlight of our visit.  I ordered a pretty traditional breakfast of eggs and toast, one of the bigger breakfast entrees on the menu......

The neat thing about the Breakfast Spot is their egg ordering system.....ensuring you get your eggs eggxactly as you want them.....

I ordered mine over medium and that's exactly what I got!  Enough yolk for dipping but no drippy whites!  John went for the french toast meal and although I rarely order french toast out, this was THE best french toast I've ever had, maybe even better than mom and grandma's!   Thick, moist and soft on the inside and just the right amount of crisp on the outside with the perfect amount of sweetness!   So good you don't want to add syrup (although my sweet-toothed husband did!)

Here's a peek at the menu ....... I've heard their breakfast sandwiches are amazing too and are served on Bella Napoli hard rolls!

  Make a date to visit Cohoes - the All American City, and have breakfast or lunch at the Breakfast Spot. Better yet, make a date to visit the Olde Mercantile for some fun shopping and once  you work up an appetite, just cross the street and enjoy a delicious meal at the Breakfast Spot!

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